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      "The crowds are bemused and delighted by Mark Wenzel's antics."

      - Associated Press
      "His whole bit had a cockeyed, irresistible charm."

      - San Diego Union
      "He's funny and skinny like I used to be."

      - Jerry Lewis
      "Wherever he goes, laughter and delight follow."

      - Vancouver Courier
      "Mark drew laughter from the simplest things."

      - Montreal Daily News
      "Pure vaudeville."

      - L.A. Times
      "A great mime face."

      - Marcel Marceau
      "Mime par excellence."

      - San Diego Magazine
      "One of the state's best shows."

      - California Magazine
      "Number One mime in America."

      - FHM Magazine
      "Bizarre, to say the least."

      - Fresno Bee
      "One of the great secrets of the Disneyland Resort"

      - Travel Channel
      "One-man theater on the move . . . does the sort of things a 6-year old would get spanked for."

      - Times Picayune
      "He zips around on his unicycle spreading humor, sarcasm and wit; and it's all done without words."

      - The Californian
      "The audience's delight knows no bounds."

      - Times-Advocate
      "Mark Wenzel belongs to the world of the comic strip, the vaudeville act, the television situation comedy."

      - The Reader

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      Special glasses not required.

      More interactive, strolling character entertainment from the mind of Mark Wenzel:
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      Otto Focus Flyer

      For parties throughout California
      Los Angeles (323) 254-4007 San Diego (619) 462-6400

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      More than a physical comedian, more than a mime artist, Mark Wenzel is a corporate entertainer.


      And everyone's a V.I.P!

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Chef Mime
Award-winning, clean comedy mime Mark Wenzel moves among your guests to enliven, delight and amaze your gathering.
Mime in a Box For any event -- from formal functions to company picnics;
from sit-down dinners to stand up rallies, corporate to campus, boardrooms to back rooms, exhibition halls to fairgrounds,

there's never a dull moment with Mark Wenzel!
Living Statue